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Goodbody and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR has always been embedded in our company, stemming from a lasting commitment to act responsibly and operate with the utmost integrity in the management of assets entrusted to us. The Goodbody CSR Framework sets out the standards that we hold ourselves up to in relation to how we deal with our employees, customers, suppliers and society at large and guides the activities we pursue. Given the importance of quality advice, knowledge sharing, research and expertise in our business model, education is a core theme of our CSR programme that threads through a number of our activities.

Our CSR Pillars


  • Reduce consumption and reduce waste in our office network.
  • Increase staff awareness to support environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Sustainable procurement policies.


  • Support and champion initiatives that have a lasting impact on people and organisations in our chosen communities.
  • An Cosán is our chosen charity partner whose mission is to empower through education by providing people of all ages with pathways to learning, leadership and enterprise.


  • Focus on the wellbeing and development of our company’s employees.
  • Provide a supportive environment that targets work-life balance, health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. 


  • Putting the customer first is core to our principles and values.
  • We commit to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner in all of our dealings with our customers, suppliers and the wider industry.

Spotlight on a CSR Initiative: The Goodbody Student Managed Fund


With over 30 staff volunteers, the Goodbody Student Managed Fund, now in its sixth year, supports an investment fund competition and education programme that spans the academic year in conjunction with five universities in Ireland. This initiative gives students the opportunity to get real, hands-on experience of managing equity funds as well as mentoring and networking as they embark on their careers.

The Goodbody Student Managed Fund
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The Goodbody Student Managed Fund

Our Charity Partner: An Cosán

In 2019, Goodbody chose to partner with An Cosán, the community education charity because of its emphasis on education and the support it offers its local community. As well as fundraising, sharing our in-house skills and expertise to the organisation is an important part of this partnership and a crucial staff engagement initiative. Goodbody and An Cosán were announced as joint winners of The People’s Choice Award as part of The Charity Excellence Awards 2020 from Charities Institute Ireland. Not only do these awards celebrate excellence across charity partnerships - we are so proud that this award also reflects the voice of the entire community.


Goodbody and Rugby Players Ireland

Goodbody is a proud supporter of the Goodbody Rugby Players Ireland Personal Development Bursary programme which aides the development and progression of players' off-field careers and academic studies as well as career, business development, retirement transition and financial guidance to their members.


Goodbody and Wellbeing

We are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our employees and to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees.


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